Keeton's Blue Beagles
Cottontails and Swamp Rabbits
A joint venture by two brothers, who for years have enjoyed the winter time solely for being able to spend time together while chasing cottontails in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio & the elusive Swamp Rabbit in Arkansas.
Donnie resides in Northern Kentucky near Warsaw, Ky, while older brother Hershel lives in Southern Ohio near Oregonia, Ohio. Travis resides only a short distance from his grandpa' in Ohio.
As time and weather conditions allow both enjoy not only the winter time hunting of the rabbit, but just the enjoyment of working/training of their dogs at all times of the year.

For years each of us have enjoyed the outdoors while spending time doing some type of bird hunting, coon hunting, and/or rabbit hunting. However, these days most of our time is solely spent behind a pack of beagles. The early morning bawl or chop of a beautiful beagle dog seems to have taken preference over all other aspects.
Over the past several years we have owned different colors of beagles and have had some good ones. Color doesn't seem to matter if they get the job done. But both of us have really grown fond of the Bluetick Beagle recently. We prefer a slower to medium speed dog with lots of endurance for a long days hunt. We both have come to agree that the 13" and smaller beagle is the ideal "dog".
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